About Our School

We teach Goju-Ryu Karate-Do

We are a registered School with the Ontario Karate Federation.

All of our Black Belt Coaches are Trained under the National Coaching Certification Program.

Our Parent Organization's Headquarters are in Japan.

All instructors are police cleared and have First Aid Training.

We use a competency based approach to teaching with the students' best interest in mind.

Our Chief Instructor being ex-Military runs a program that is step by step to reach outcomes.

Direction in goal setting, Discipline and Encouragement  leads to achievement and confidence.

Learn how to build a stronger you

through our Leadership Program.

Our students gain knowledge and confidence by helping one another through our mentoring system.

Our classes are set up to allow the senior ranks to assist the newer students, under Black Belt supervision,

providing one on one quality learning unmatched by other Dojos. 

We have had several students and instructors compete and Medal for Team Canada. This has brought them such a sense of achievement as well as confidence and Self-Esteem.

Most of our students  take Karate at Mountain Martial Arts because they enjoy the interesting activities and like working with others. 

They seem to open up and excel in other areas

of their lives as well, we are told!