Mountain Martial Arts

2nd Annual Fall Tournament

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Sister Elizabeth Village

Rymal Road at Garth Street

Hamilton, Ont.

Nutrition First

August 16, 2018

Just as fitness is important for all of our work, play or activities,

Proper Nutrition  represents the High Quality fuel that is required

for Optimal Performance  and overall Great Health!

We have been using  Usana Health Sciences products

at this gym for nearly Six Years now.

 Many of our students will tell you how much better they feel,

having more energy and less illness in their lives. Their kids too!

You can check out my Website at

to see what we are all talking about.

Most people enjoy Free Information, as you probably will too.

Look For our New Fall Session Schedule

August 16, 2018

We have adopted the OKF Policies, Rules and Regulations as well as

the NCCP Coaching Outline for the Sport of Karate at our school. 

Karate is now an Olympic Sport .  Up there with Boxing and Wrestling!

Our Dojo is a Registered  School with the Provincial Sports Organization 

as well as 100% of our Members.

All our Coaches are NCCP Trained.

Last Year's Tournament

August 16,2018

Last Year our first event was so successful we are holding another one!

We had so much support from other Karate Schools!

The Judging was very professional and the behaviour of all competitors

was admirable!

 Invites via email will be sent out soon, so please mark

your calendars and feel free to share this info with everyone.

Thank You to all that participated before and hope to see you there!

Sensei Mike.